Re:form (regarding / with regard to form) is an original series of abstract composite photographs in both form and technique. kevkav draws from his personal image bank of over fifty thousand to create these substantial and complicated works. Culling from snapshots, and street-scenes he deftly re-mixes his source material. Moving from the traditional darkroom where he once spent hundreds of hours composing a single analog composite photograph, kevkav has transitioned to the digital realm. It is in this digital realm where post production techniques and automated functions have been reformulated to define this unique artistic process and result.

Once the territory of masters like Ansel Adams, the advent of digital media has thrown the art of photography into a blender. This is the point from which kevkav works, with thousands of images swirling around him as he melds and develops them into a single cohesive frame. Images captured of both natural and urban landscapes are layered, cut, and juxtaposed in service of creating these large, complex compositions. Strong visual allusions to virtual reality spaces are intercut with textures and details, and stitched together in a way that present a certain “narrative” when considering the completed piece. Digital artifacts and frenetic patterns are used to convey the inherent overwhelming nature of the new digital function. The results are stunning.

Each image is a proposition, an alternative view where literal perspectives become abstracted. Through the complex layering of so many images these works actively dismantle notions of photographic truths; time, space and place are ruptured – condensed, erased, layered, enlarged, and shrunk – creating a constant visual state of play. Re:form is at once a series of fictive environments and an account of kevkav’s exploration of contemporary photographic representation, form and technique.